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Must Spouses File Bankruptcy Jointly?

One spouse can file for bankruptcy without the other joining in the process, or even consenting to it. There are many instances where a couple would only want only one spouse to file. If one spouse has all the debt, but all of the assets are in the name of the other spouse, only the Read More

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The Automatic Stay and Chapter 13 Serial Filers

The Automatic Stay afforded to repeat (or serial) Chapter 13 filers has long been a thorn in the side of the mortgage industry, as each successive Chapter 13 filing resurrects the Automatic Stay and prevents the mortgage lender from completing their foreclosure. Bankruptcy Code Sections 362 (c)(3)&(4) were intended by Congress to limit the duration Read More

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Credit Reports and Post-Bankruptcy Mortgage Payments

Under New York bankruptcy law (In re Boodrow) a debtor does not have to sign a Reaffirmation Agreement for a mortgage on real estate. This is a good thing (especially when dealing with second or third mortgages), since a signed Reaffirmation Agreement causes you to remain personally liable for the mortgage debt after bankruptcy, and Read More

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Discharging Income Taxes and The Two-Year Rule for Late Filed Tax Returns

It is clear that a tax debt is not dischargeable in bankruptcy if a return for the year in question is not filed. See 11 USC § 523 (a)(1)(B)(i). However, The 2 Year Rule provides that taxes due based upon a late filed return (filed after its due date and any extensions) are dischargeable if Read More

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