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At Hayward, Parker & O’Leary Esqs. our attorneys have guided White Plains, New City and other mid-Hudson Valley residents through the bankruptcy process to financial stability. By handling all forms of bankruptcy and offering numerous alternative solutions, we ensure that we can rectify your financial issues. Whether you are an individual or a small business, you can rely on our more than 55 years of combined bankruptcy experience.

Attorneys serving the mid-Hudson Valley offer a broad array of bankruptcy services

It is impossible to select the best debt relief solution or form of bankruptcy until you have thoroughly considered your income, debt amount, types of debt, and what you hope to accomplish by filing for bankruptcy.

  • Bankruptcy — We offer a broad array of bankruptcy services, including handling Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies. We are committed to communicating clearly with our clients and explaining each step of the bankruptcy process and how the 2005 bankruptcy amendments affect you.
  • Chapter 7 — Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also called liquidation. We can advise you whether Chapter 7 is right for the type of debts you hold. We explain the entire Chapter 7 process, including the role of the trustee and how the automatic stay benefits you. We advocate for you during the Section 341 creditors’ conference and throughout the litigation process.
  • Chapter 13 — If most of your debt is secured or if retaining property is important, we may advise you that Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option. We work with you throughout the Chapter 13 process to reduce your debt burden while protecting your property.
  • Chapter 11 — Chapter 11 is the type of bankruptcy that is typically used by businesses. Chapter 11 reorganization can help reduce the debt burdens of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Because the debtor is significantly more involved in a Chapter 11 proceeding, it is especially important to retain experienced counsel.
  • Bankruptcy and debts — The type of debts you hold can determine the form of bankruptcy that brings the greatest debt relief. We counsel clients regarding student loans, payday loans, credit card debt, medical debt, tax debt, marital debt and more.
  • Protecting assets — One of the most harrowing aspects of a bankruptcy is the uncertainty over what property you can keep. Many clients are particularly anxious over losing their home or car. We can assist you with stopping a home foreclosure, stripping away a second or third mortgage, maximizing bankruptcy exemptions and protecting assets like your retirement plan.
  • Consequences of bankruptcy — Understanding the consequences of bankruptcy is essential to sound financial planning. We explain the impact your bankruptcy has on credit reports and taxes. We protect you from illegal discriminatory treatment by employers or landlords. Finally, we advise you as to the dangers of preferential and fraudulent transfers.
  • Things to consider — As part of our commitment to high-quality service, we are committed to explaining bankruptcy, clarifying its terminology and dispelling myths. We explain alternatives to bankruptcy and help you identify financial warning signs before your situation becomes dire. We offer bankruptcy help to improve outcomes of bankruptcy.

Work with us for individualized attention with the attorney who files your case

At Hayward, Parker & O’Leary Esqs. our attorneys provide high-quality bankruptcy and alternative debt solutions to people in White Plains, New City and the mid-Hudson Valley. To schedule your free consultation at our Middletown office, call us at 845-343-6227 or by contact us online.

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