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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our Firm?

Congress had a goal to make bankruptcy more complicated and more expensive. They accomplished this goal in 2005 when they passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. This action of Congress made it more vital than ever that you retain a bankruptcy lawyer with extensive experience and skill in dealing with the complexities that accompany bankruptcy.

Over 55 years of combined experience assisting clients with bankruptcy

We take the time to guide you through the maze of bankruptcy requirements, making sure you understand all the form questions, know what information we need, and that you have disclosed all relevant facts so there are no unwanted surprises.

Avoid rough spots in bankruptcy

At Hayward, Parker & O’Leary Esqs., our approach is thorough because we strive to avoid potential rough spots in bankruptcy through proper pre-bankruptcy planning. Our firm takes the time to analyze your financial situation so that, by the time you file your petition, these potential rough spots have been minimized.

Quality legal services

Clients may be tempted by the discount rates some firms offer for legal services in bankruptcy. However, dealing with inexperienced bankruptcy attorneys, who substitute low fees for their lack of experience and proven track record, often results in greater expense in the long run. Attorneys who assert bankruptcy is as easy as filling out standard forms and emailing or mailing them back also end up lengthening and making the bankruptcy process more costly. Clients frequently don’t understand questions being asked. They mail in a form to a paralegal who does the bankruptcy filing. Later down the road, the bankruptcy is refused or complications evolve based on inadequate or inaccurate information.

Our attorneys interview you in person and do the due diligence to make sure your bankruptcy is properly addressed.

If you just want someone to fill out forms for you and then “hope for the best”, you probably don’t need our firm. But if you want capable, aggressive representation, within proper bounds, so that you can achieve the maximum relief available under the bankruptcy laws, then we hope you will consider our firm.

Free initial consultation

At our firm, your initial consultation is free, and it will be with the attorney who will handle your bankruptcy.


There are no surprise fees. We lay it all out for you and put it in writing. We explain the advantages of bringing all needed information and paying all fees as soon as possible.

1) As soon you retain your attorney (i.e. give him some money) you can stop the harassment and refer all creditor calls to our office.

2) When we receive all your documents and information, and when your fees are paid in full, we file your petition. Once the petition is filed, an “automatic stay” goes into effect, which bars creditors from collecting debts and enforcing their rights. Your attorney will explain this to you in more detail.

Filing fees

Legal fees

Chapter 13 legal fees are more expensive due to added work and court appearances than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We explain the extent of this expense in your initial free consultation.

At the initial “information intake interview”, we simply ask that you bring in as much of the fee as you can. There is no required minimum amount to start the process, although the petition and necessary forms will not be done until the entire fee is paid and all required documents and information provided.

Other ways to benefit from bankruptcy

  • In a Chapter 7 our firm will, where appropriate, help you avoid judicial liens burdening your residence and redeem other collateral by paying the secured creditor only the value of the collateral, rather than the entire amount due on the loan.
  • In Chapter 13 cases our firm will, where appropriate reduce the total dollar pay-out you are required to make to your Chapter 13 trustee by:
    • Aggressively attacking a mortgage holder’s claim when they are seeking interest, attorneys’ fees, late charges, etc. that they are not entitled to receive.
    • Stripping down wholly unsecured liens, such as second and third mortgages, so that they can be paid off for a fraction of what is owed.
    • Stripping down tax liens so that their dollar amount is reduced or avoided in full, depending upon the equity that a debtor has in his/her assets, etc.

These actions will result in a reduction of the total dollar payout that you are required to make to your Chapter 13 trustee.

Call our office today at 845-343-6227 and speak to Attorney Michael O’Leary to arrange a free consultation to discuss your options regarding bankruptcy and other alternatives to bankruptcy.

Our office is located in Middletown, New York and serves Orange, Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess Counties and communities, including Middletown, Newburgh, Monticello, Kingston, Port Jervis, Ellenville, New Paltz, Beacon, Fishkill, Goshen, Montgomery, Maybrook, Central Valley, Walden, Wallkill, Florida, Warwick, Monroe, Harriman, Greenwood Lake, Chester, Highland Falls, Pine Bush, Bullville, Southfields, Cornwall, Salisbury Mills, Woodbury, Pine Island, Westtown, Greenville, Otisville, Bloomingburg, Liberty, Bethel, Mountaindale, Summitville and Poughkeepsie.

This Law Firm proudly practices Bankruptcy Law, helping clients file cases under Chapters 7 and 13. According to the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, we are considered to be a Debt Relief Agency.

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