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Middletown Attorneys Explain Bankruptcy Considerations to New York Residents

Helping clients select the right attorney while debunking bankruptcy myths

Choosing a competent and experienced bankruptcy lawyer can make the difference between smooth sailing through the bankruptcy courts and a quagmire. Prior to selecting your attorney, you should:

  • Verify the attorney’s bankruptcy experience
  • Be wary of fee agreements that collect after filing, as this can indicate a lack of understanding of bankruptcy’s automatic stay
  • Be wary of especially low fees

At Hayward, Parker & O’Leary Esqs., our attorneys have helped clients in Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Westchester and other mid-Hudson Valley Counties understand the bankruptcy litigation process and bankruptcy terminology while debunking common bankruptcy myths. For example, many people assume that declaring bankruptcy means doing without credit cards. In reality, most credit card companies continue working with you after bankruptcy if they do not lose money in the bankruptcy. Additionally, many report credit card offers following bankruptcy, apparently because lenders reason that you can only receive one Chapter 7 discharge every 8 years.

Bankruptcy lawyers identify warning signs to help New York residents avoid financial distress

Underemployment, unemployment, health issues, divorce and business failures are some of the most common reasons people become financially distressed. When one of these events occurs, many people begin to notice warning signs such as their credit card balances exploding or an inability to make other payments as an increasing amount of income is tied up in servicing debt. Recognizing these warning signs can help solve the problem before creditors begin to call and process servers show up at your door to serve you with a lawsuit.

Attorneys explain bankruptcy alternatives to help you select the best plan to restore your financial health

When you are finding a lawyer, you should consider the breadth of that attorney’s practice. Many less experienced attorneys focus solely on simple Chapter 7 or 13 filings and do not pursue other means of fixing debt problems. In certain instances, alternatives to bankruptcy might be considered and compared to bankruptcy.

Work with us for one-on-one attention with the attorney who files your case

At Hayward, Parker & O’Leary Esqs., our attorneys provide high-quality counsel that thoroughly considers all bankruptcy-related issues. Schedule your free consultation at our Middletown office today by calling us at 845-343-6227 or by contacting us online.

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